SWIFF fosters a safe space for audiences of all ages, including children. The following is a guide for what we do not allow in the film:

1. Any character consuming alcohol OR any form of alcohol present in the frame

2. Any character smoking or vaping

3. Any profanity of any kind

4. Extreme or excessive anger

5. Any violence. Includes but is not limited to:

  • Blood in a scene
  • Guns, explosives, or any weapons
  • A person attacking another person or animal
  • Scenes involving the army or military combat/experiences

6. Any nudity or slight nudity. This includes a woman with nearly exposed (does not have to be fully exposed) body parts that are not appropriate for child viewing

7. Any sexually-related behavior. Includes but is not limited to:

  • Intimate contact between two or more characters
  • The film MAY include a small kissing scene, but nothing more

10. Any sexually-related thoughts

11. Any hate or hate speech of any kind (such as racial slurs)

12. Praise for any specific religion or religious figure

13. Any character engaging in illegal activity

  • IMPORTANT: This means illegal activity for children. For example, if there is smoking or vaping, that would be illegal for children. All activities illegal for adults also count as illegal for children.

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