Official Selection: SWIFF 2022

Yohan Samel

United Kingdom
Yohan Samel


My name is Yohan Samel and I'm an Independent filmmaker hailing from the Indian film and television industry where I formerly worked as the 3rd Assistant Director starting with stage plays, then tv shows and finally feature films between 2012 to 2017 . In 2018 I started out freelancing as a full-time videographer/editor/short film director and worked on various creative projects ranging from shorts to music videos to documentaries and commercials.Reset is my directorial debut short and it was made on a self-raised shoestring budget of £4000 with just 4 crew members. The project was completely self funded by the crew and saw professional actors like Michael McKell and Tim Cullingworth Hudson in leading roles. The film is shot on ARRI Alexa Mini & Sony PMW-F5 camera with Atlas Prime Lenses which gives the film its industry standard cinematic look. Reset is a passion project long pursued by each of the 4 young lads for almost a year primarily for the love of Making cinema. Reset is an original psycho thriller and a subtle tribute to the crime film genre - highly inspired from the works of Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and Christopher Nolan.

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