Official Selection: SWIFF 2022

Yinuo Shao

Yinuo Shao


Yinuo Shao (b.1998) is a filmmaker, animator, and illustration artist, currently based in London.She graduated with a BA in Illustration & Animation from Kingston University of Art. After her undergraduate degree, she decided to go to the Royal College of Art to continue exploring her animation journey. At the same time, illustration has also become an indispensable part of her creation life.Yinuo's creations are inspired by nature, human beings, the universe and herself. At the same time, her works are shaped through the two-way description of drawing and writing. Yinuo cares about how the story is told because of the experience of her illustration projects. The narration of her works is between narrative and experimental. Observing, thinking and the desire to create give her the opportunity to be an expresser, and she hopes that through her works, you will be willing to stop and listen and feel the resonance.

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