Official Selection: SWIFF 2022

Valerii Khimiuk

Valerii Khimiuk


Ukrainian writer, actor, director.A person who since childhood dreamed of getting into the world of theater and cinema. Over time, the dream came true: from the age of 13 have been playing in the theater, and since 14 have been acting in films.There were different projects: serials, performances, and musicals - there was enough experience. When Valerii moved to the USA, he didn't give up on his favorite job there either: he made short films, played in American musicals, and especially liked to make Americans laugh with his "European" accents in the comedies of the local California theater.But what to do when your dream has come true? We need to look for a new goal, set new tasks. Such a task was their own business - their own theater and film studio, which could bring any idea to life.For a long time he tried to launch a new Kyiv theater, for a long time he planned to shoot a movie, but something was always missing. And finally, quite recently, he realized what it was - a reliable team and friends!

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