Official Selection: SWIFF 2022

Uththiran Sarengapani

Uththiran Sarengapani


Hi there! I am Uththiran, stylistically known as Triple U. I am 20 years old, and am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in law. A lot may wonder as to why, a future lawyer is actively involved in the field of filmmaking. To be fair, I have always found myself attracted to the ideologies, artistic styles and stories that go into filmmaking, and as such, I made it my aim to bring a harmonious fusion between the magical and mythological aspect of Hinduism, and a European style of writing and filmmaking. Hangkussam: Balakandam The Rise, or in English entitled Goad the Rise, is the curtain raiser which I believe could be the one way ticket in showcasing my style in the world of cinema and silver screens. There is more that is to come. Sarvam Krishnaarpanam.

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