Official Selection: SWIFF 2022

Thor De Moraes Neukranz

Thor De Moraes Neukranz


My name is Thor de Moraes Neukranz, I'm from Pernambuco and I've always lived in the suburbs of Recife. Like every big city in Brazil, with serious social problems such as violence and hunger, but also with an intense cultural movement in music and cinema. Albums such as Da Lama ao Caos (1994) and films such as Baile Perfumado (1996) marked the beginning of the resumption of culture in my region and it impacted me. Despite that, it took me a while to get into cinema. I studied agricultural and environmental engineering for years, did tourism and enrolled in law. I realized that I should do cinema when I found myself watching documentaries by Eduardo Coutinho at 3 am. I did that many times, I watched interviews, lectures and films about his films. It was the end of 2014, Brazil in sadness for the 7x1 at home and watching documentaries. So I realized that was what I wanted to do and here I am. I was always attentive to the courses related to cinema that appeared, one of them was from the renowned French film school Ateliers Varan. I tried my best to get a spot and it happened. During the experience with renowned teachers, such as the filmmaker Mariana Otero, I grew in several aspects. The end result of the 7-week experience was the documentary Dibuiar (Quand on trie) that I made at a recycling cooperative. The work was selected for French and Brazilian festivals, an important step in my career that brought me to France and brought me closer to more opportunities. At university I studied renowned authors such as Franz Fanon, André Bazin and Walter Benjamin. I wrote reviews and matured my cinematographic look. Less than a year ago I graduated with the final work being the documentary Bonds of the Matriarch, in which I bring together 25 years of my grandmother's life, from the lively family parties of 1995 to the tragic pandemic of covid-19.

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