Official Selection: SWIFF 2022

Theodora Anagnostou

United Kingdom
Theodora Anagnostou


In my experience filmmaking has been an incredible tool to communicate stories directly with people in a very impactful and personal way. As an animator, my main focus has been to create a visually engaging image that will evoke a certain emotion to the viewer, whether that comes from the movement itself or the story.Back when I was working on my major project Complimentary, I was going through a rather difficult time, which in a way inspired the movie itself. I choose to tell a symbolic story of a break up, and the transformation that follows, in hopes of resonating with others who have gone through the same emotional rollercoaster, or could potentially be going through it while watching the film. By sharing a relatable story, I wanted to provide some comfort to those who could see themselves in it, show that there is hope, that it gets better over time, and that perhaps what might have felt like a tragedy at one point, could be leading to something much more interesting later on.In the future I hope to be part of more projects where I'll get to contribute to stories that are entertaining, explore emotional depth, and involve themes of mental health awareness.

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