Official Selection: SWIFF 2022

Tapasya Chhibber

Tapasya Chhibber


My name is Tapasya Chhibber and I am a 22 year old student filmmaker from New Delhi, India. Ever since my childhood, I have been a movie buff and it was when I was in high school that I decided this is what I want to dedicate my life to, making films. A career in films is considered to be an unconventional career option in majority of Indian households and I was advised to pursue something "safer" and not risk my life by following my passion. But with the support of my elder sister and my mother, I was 18 when I took admission in a film school, with a lot to prove; to prove that its not an unsafe profession for women, to prove its not a profession where I'll always be dominated and to prove that its definitely not a career where I'll not be able to fend for myself. As a female filmmaker, I love showing stories from women's perspective. For a long time, women in mainstream Indian cinema were either portrayed as helpless or a subject of objectification and glamour. But with the change in times, there have been evident changes in the portrayal of women. I too aspire to make films that show women as strong, regular people and during my time in film school, I've made films having female protagonists, on topics that are simple yet complex and that are regular yet so uncommon. I want to continue making films addressing everyday issues & emotions , problems that we see amongst ourselves everyday but are too ignorant to realize that they are indeed problems. Apart from this, I'm also a big fan of horror and thriller films. I love all films by James Wan and they are the major reason I got into filmmaking. Growing up, my favourite film of his was 'Dead Silence". Horror is a genre Indian cinema has still not been able to thrive in and my dream is to make the scariest horror film Indian Cinema has ever had. I want the Indian film industry to grow into the toughest competitor of horror films in the world.

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