Official Selection: SWIFF 2022

Tanja Ploner

Tanja Ploner


Tanja Ploner, born on August 11, 1997, was drawn to film at an early age. Ever since she watched the Behind The Scenes videos of Lord of the Rings at the age of eight, it was clear to her that this was what she wanted to do. So she decided to go to school with a focus on media design and then to study media technology at the FH St. Pölten. During various projects in the Bachelor, and now in the Master Digital Media Production, she was able to make her childhood dream come true: Making films. She is particularly interested in production design, screenwriting and directing. An avid rider and martial artist herself, she always wanted to watch all kinds of stunt shows. Therefore she decided to make "Fighting For A Living" as the subject can be told in a very exciting way visually, but at the same time there are personal stories behind it.

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