Sameer Monn



My name is Sameer Monn, I'm 17, hailing from Malaysia. As a filmmaker, real stories drive me. Stories that are raw, stories that come straight from the heart. Those are the kinds of stories I am dying to tell. Mental health plays a huge part in my stories, even in the 2 books that I have published, and in the films I make. The art of film is akin to a tool, one to tell very real stories in a heightened, stylized manner. I absolutely love arthouse films, and the arthouse genre is my main inspiration. There is something so freeing about filmmaking. It is just pure, unbridled creative expression. I also strive to shoot my films on very small budgets, and to inspire other students that anything can be done with just a camera and creativity. It is also very important to me that I get to leave an impact on my viewers, in any sense, especially to those of my generation.