Official Selection: SWIFF 2022

Dot Forrester

Dot Forrester


I'm an 18 year old filmmaker/actress from Dorset, England. My aim is to create and act in films that bring light to unique life situations, the world and the unheard and unseen sections of society. I wish to be able to create in a way that enables individuals stories (from the most beautiful to the most saddening) to be told and transformed into creative, moving and cinematic films, both fiction and non fiction. My inspirations include the Truman show, Taxi Driver, Annie Hall, Amelie, 8 1/2 and Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind. I love how acting enables us to explore the uniqueness of humans as individuals and deep dive the feelings and emotions that we all collectively feel and can relate to. My interest in film initially began through my love of documentaries which is why I now wish to create films that are as grounded to real life, the subtleties of human connection, our shared experiences and our shared existence. I believe cinema can create huge change in how we act within the world and also how we perceive the world , it's beautiful.

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