Official Selection: SWIFF 2022

Defne Gürkan

Defne Gürkan


Since I was a child, I was interested in making films. I would make vlogs about my vacations for my family or a imovie with my cousin. Then, I thought why not make them a little bit advanced? Me and my best friend started to work on movies in 9th grade and since then it became a passion for me. Film making is peaceful, fun and a time to express myself. Especially, to be able to do films with my best friend makes it even more fun. We then started to work on “The Loop” when the COVID19 started and finished it in January 2022. Now, we are continuing to enter festivals and so happy to be a part of Student World Impact Festival, so grateful for this opportunity:) The Loop is a way to tell a story and transfer students’ emotions. I am so proud of the process and the improvement of my editing along the road. In the end of the day, if we made someone feel our emotion which we felt during those times, then I feel we have done our job correctly.

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