Official Selection: SWIFF 2022

Anouk Segebart

Anouk Segebart


Hi!My name is Anouk, I’m 15 years old, and I live in Berlin since last year. Before that I lived in Brasilia, Brazil, and that is also where I discovered my passion for filmmaking. I shot my first official short film last year, in my school in Brasilia and really, really loved making it. Of course it didn't have the technical quality that I wished for, that I saw in professional movies, but I worked with all the people I had, all the time I had, all the skills I had and all the material I could gather from different people for free. I guess that describes the first filmmaking experiences of most students! But of course we do everything to make it work, and to get our story and message across- even if it is not perfect. And that was also my goal when making this shortfilm: ‘How can you not be a Feminist’. For me, the most important thing in my films and in films generally is to make people aware of something, of a problem in society. I think filmmaking is such a powerful tool to create positive change, to wake people up, and call to action. Feminism is always one of my main topics, which I talk about, because me, and so many people I know, have many personal experiences that relate to those of the characters and I think all those things are not talked about enough yet. Feminism is not one-dimensional. Feminism is not just one thing. Feminism is intersectional. Feminism is a lense to see the world, a powerful tool to analyse power relations, and it opens our eyes to notice injustice, to be able to analyse power, and with that, to take action for a better, fairer world. There are many things that need our attention, and I want to continue calling attention to them through film in the future!

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