Official Selection: SWIFF 2022

Angie Teig

United States of America
Angie Teig


Hey, I'm Angie and I'm from Watertown, Massachusetts! I first found my interest in photo and video at the young age of 5 years old. My parents' travel company had a shoot for a commercial and I was brought along. This is where I started interacting with the crew and I began to ask many questions. I was naturally drawn to the world of video production and as years went on I continued to help my parents with their marketing in all media forms. I dabbled with iMovie and Camtasia as a kid (yes, a YouTube phase) and started Film and Video courses at my school in eighth grade. I eventually started to make more serious and thought-provoking films when I started high school in 2019. My high school film teacher Mr. Gaines has made such a difference in my life. He is and will always be the main cause of any successes in my life. He takes time out of his summer VACATION to help me out. He lends me equipment whenever I need it. Without him I wouldn't know half of what I know when it comes to video production. Not only has Mr. Gaines made me who I am, my karate instructor (I call him "Shihan", it's basically like "Sensei" but higher ranked) has been there since day one. I joined the dojo when I was five years old and have been there ever since. Shihan's experience in the military carried over to his martial arts career—leading him to teach me from a young age how to give my 100% to any work I do. Always doing one more pushup, always punching one more punch, always pushing harder. He has instilled the indomitable spirit in me. I apply this hard-working trait to my production process every day. Without knowing how to do hard work, I wouldn't be able to produce the content I have made.I want to do more than just entertain—I want to make my viewers FEEL something. They should learn something after watching my content. Otherwise it's not effective media. I always make sure that any piece of content I create lives up to this standard. I will continue my film education in college and I hope to be recognized for my work on a large scale in the future. Besides doing photo and video, I love to practice the martial arts, work out, and listen to music.

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