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Gagarin.Doc International Student Film Festival

Outside the US
March 25, 2022

FIRST! (PERVIY!) International Student Short Film Competition 2022Sixth Open Festival of Film, Science and Contemporary Art «Gagarin.doc» (Saratov) takes place in Saratov in the year of the 65th anniversary of the first artificial Earth satellite launching. We are open to receive the films for the competition of student short films "FIRST!" (PERVIY!)The national program competition is dedicated to the only theme - "COSMOS" in all varieties of its interpretations. The international program is held in three categories: "Space", "Science" and "Technologies" (films about events related to space exploration, about scientific discoveries and inventions; portraits of people conquering space and creating technologies for the future; cinematic fantasies, flight of imagination, experiments in the field of film language). Short documentaries and fiction films can be submitted to the competition (20 minutes or less). To participate one can be a student from the institutes of general, secondary, higher and additional education. At the time of working on the competition work, its author must be a pupil or a student. The submission deadline is March 25th, 2022. To participate in the national competition program, an application, a film itself and a scanned certificate from the place of study should be sent to the address of the festival Applications for the International program are accepted via the festival page at Filmfreeway platform as well as by sending the film to